ELIPS is a magic app that allows you to guess
the word a spectator is thinking of
from the lyrics of ANY song.
Shape of You, Ed Sheeran Shape of You Ed Sheeran HANDMADE
Dance Dance, Fall Out Boy Dance, Dance Fall Out Boy WEIGHED
ocean eyes, Billie Eilish ocean eyes Billie Eilish CREATURE
Did Somebody Say, Snoop Dogg Did Somebody Say Snoop Dogg NOODLES
Creep, Radiohead Creep Radiohead PERFECT
Heartbreak Hotel, Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel Elvis Presley CROWNED
Uprising, Muse Uprising Muse PROMISE
Hello, Adèle Hello Adèle BETWEEN
Lose Yourself, Eminem Lose Yourself Eminem EVERYBODY
Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles Here Comes the Sun The Beatles RETURNING
Love on the Brain, Rihanna Love on the Brain Rihanna TOGETHER
Holiday, Green Day Holiday Green Day POUNDING
Billie Jean, Michael Jackson Billie Jean Michael Jackson DREAMED
Wonderwall, Oasis Wonderwall Oasis BELIEVE
Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Queen MATTERS
Love Yourself, Justin Bieber Love Yourself Justin Bieber THINKING
Boys Don't Cry, The Cure Boys Don't Cry The Cure HIDING
breathin, Ariana Grande breathin Ariana Grande COMPLICATE
Affection, Cigarettes After Sex Affection Cigarettes After Sex SOMETIMES
That's what I Like, Bruno Mars That's what I Like Bruno Mars CHAMPAGNE
Chained to the Rhythm, Katy Perry Chained to the Rhythm Katy Perry GLASSES
Space Oddity, David Bowie Space Oddity David Bowie CONTROL
No Woman No Cry, Bob Marley No Woman, No Cry Bob Marley PORRIDGE
ELIPS is a magic app that allows you to guess the word a spectator is thinking of from the lyrics of ANY song.
  • • Real Lyrics
  • • Absolutely NO Force
  • • Performable Remotely
  • • Multiple Methods
  • • iOs & Android


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Imagine this...

You ask your spectator to freely think of ANY song. It could be a melody from their childhood, a recent discovery, or a song that holds special meaning to them. As they search for the lyrics on their phone, they focus on ANY word. In just a few seconds, you're able to reveal the word, the song title, and the artist's name.

ELIPS combines music with mind-reading, unlocking miracles with melodies that resonate deep within the heart of anyone.

What the pros are saying

“ELIPS ticks all the right boxes for me. It is beautifully laid out, simple to navigate and a dream to perform. I am highly impressed!”
Michael Murray
“Folling an audience and not giving them a path to discovery of method is not easy. Maxime has accomplished this with ELIPS.”
Jonathan Levit
“Music is a universal language and Sound is one of the least exploited sensed in mentalism & magic. ELIPS lets you exploit it... It's time to create miracle!”
Les French Twins



App Integrations

Many other magic apps have already been integrated with ELIPS, enabling even more impossible effects. In alphabetical order, the non-exhaustive list includes:


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